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Frequently Asked Questions


How long did it normally take to receive items?

Our products come from all over the world. Shipping times vary depending on the item. Typically,  once you receive a shipping notice it can take between 7-21 days. This time frame allows for clearing customs mostly.


Do you only have men's products?

LCKERSHOP.COM, just like LCKERROOM.COM, is a platform specifically for men because well, let's face it…woman have enough resources at their disposal (it had to be said). However, we do have some items that are Unisex as well as specific to women.


How do your returns and refunds work?

Because our products are shipped from around the world we ask that you review them immediately upon receipt and email us at before returning or sending them back. Some items are non-refundable (see refund policy for details). Custom items are not returnable.


How long does it take to process orders?

Orders are usually processed the same business day, typically in the evenings central standard time. Do allow 2-3 business days for orders to be processed as we are an international company operating in several time zones.


Can coupons be combined?

No. Items that already have a promotion on it cannot receive additional discounts from coupons. Promotions are not the same as items on sale (red prices). Sale items can receive additional discounts using promotional coupons just as long as another promotion/ coupon/ discount isn't applied to them already. Automatic discounts will appear at check out on select items that can receive them.  Members and mailing list subscribers get better deals because we like to reward loyalty. Our system knows who is still an active subscriber/ member. To use those benefits you must meet specific conditions to use member discounts/ coupon codes.


How are your items sized?

Are products are sized in a variety of size standards. Each product should have their own sizing chart available with the descriptions to help customers pick the best option for what they are looking for. We do use standards Metric (cm/mm/mL) and English (in/ft/oz) units. When in doubt email us at

Our FAQ is constantly being updated so be sure to check back for updates.