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Here YOU ARE THE DESIGNER! That's right, these shoes are uniquely yours, one-of-a-kind designs that YOU design. The item image displayed is just a sample of what the finish product could look like.



How to use this page:

1. Click on the image of the 19 item style you want as your base

2. Next click through the choices for how you want your shoe to look

3. Click the ORDER option When you're done designing your shoe

4. Follow the prompts to confirm your design choices

5. Select your shoe size

6. Enter your billing and shipping information

7. Double check your Order in the RECAP (don't forget to add your Initials on the shoe and get a matching belt!) and CLICK Complete Order!

Because these items are hand-made to order they take roughly 3-4 weeks to manufacture before they are shipped. They are definitely worth it!

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